Wednesday, April 14, 2010

that's what friends are for

hi i next blog is about my very own my previous post..the school life part have met some of my best friends..and here are the greatest things that they have done for me..

Ian Isaac Gonzales
~> he was my seatmate during the last quarter in my first year life..i have enjoyed his company a lot..because he likes to tell things that he experienced and his interesting opinions about stuff..and the way he cracks his jokes..he's one of our class' clowns and that's why i liked talking to him in between classes..the greatest things that he has done for listening to my problems and tries to solve them with the best of his extent..but most of all..he made me laugh everyday with his jokes [especially the corny ones!!]..he always gave me the energy to study with his everyday gags..tahnk you Ian!! :]

Vince Alec Serquena
~> he was my very first bff during my first year life..unlike ian..vince is a quiet guy..a VERY quiet one..but he also participates in recitations and of course..casual conversations..maybe his quietness helped me a lot..because when i tell him about my problems and questions..he just listens very well and try to give me an advice on how to solve's very surprising that 2 different people can help me in their own ways..we had some quarrels..but it only made our friendship stronger..the greatest things that he has done for me is when he listens to my i have said before..and being the ultimate shoulder to cry on..he is always there when i need him and ready to crack some jokes too!! thank you Vince!! xD

John Sean Clint Vergara
~> he was the prince charming of our class play..and since i am one of the drew me close to him..Sean is a very confident guy..he is the most articulate person in our class..and teacher's favorite too..he can speak in many ways..WAYS..not languages..he mimics some of our country's news anchors and has his own versions himself..he is a very sweet guy..that's why he is close to girls and boys as well..the greatest thing that he has done for me is when he approaches me when i'm alone and also keeps me company..thank you Sean!! :)

Joanna Grace Namoc
~> Joanna is a very energetic girl..she does well in class..has a very nice handwriting..also loves sports and is the muse of our class....even though she is an energetic girl..she is sweet and gentle at heart..we became bff's maybe beacuse of the thing that we call "vibes"..thank you vibes!! we understand each other really well and beacause of that..we can help each other easily during our difficult times..she is very outgoing but very humble and kind to all of us..the greatest things that she has done for me is being with me whether in the good times or the bad ones..she also taught me to just be myself..keep my feet on the ground..and to live my life to the fullest..thank you very much Joanna!! xoxo

Katharina Ira Ojeda
~> Ira is one of my gal pals that became my role model at times when i doubt myself..she is REALLY tall but manages to keep her feet on the ground no matter how big her acheivement is..she shares with me her opinions about people and life..which taught me to think things over before judging or making a conclusion..we cry together..laugh together and walk together!! she has a kind heart and a joyful soul..she is a great leader but an excellent follower too..the greatest things that Ira has done for me is when she gives me advices on stuff and she also tells me what i do wrong at times so that i will not repeat the same mistakes again..thanks a lot Ira!! =)

Vida Angela Pagala
~> Vida is a bff that ALWAYS keeps me company..i love being around her..she's most of all..caring..i don't call her vida by the way..she is IYA..she can play the guitar..sing well..and also has good acting skills..the greatest thing that she has done for me is when she cheers me up when i'm sad and keeps me company when i am happy..i don't describe her much.. [she knows it already!!]..ily iya!! :D

of course i also have bff's outside the classroom..and here they are..

Arvin Rumbawa
~> he is a silent guy but he also makes me laugh sometimes..he is very kind and helpful..he taught a lot of things in life..he also made me see the beauty of life and of living..the greatest thing that he has done for me is listening to my problems and also helps me through it..thank you aa!!

Gem Closa
~> Gem was my very first bff..she is very funny but knows a lot in life too..she helped me realize my mistakes and also taught me that life is great..she is very athletic but also is a good leader..the greatest thing that Gem has done for me is never forgetting our friendship and she also taught me a lot in life..thank you Gem!!

Joaquin Buenaobra, Jed Hael and William Lim
~> they just make me laugh so much!! thanks Joax, Jed and Awil!!

Thalia Barrantes, Anne Riguerra, Abegail Sangual, Reinna Necesito, Krissia Ramirez, Gelyn Sarmiento and Reijan Astrologio
~> they are different girls..with different characters..but are all my closest friends..they are all pretty and nice all at the same time..we usually hang out in groups when i was in grade 6..but i look forward to be with them again..i posted their names altogether because the greatest thing that they have done for cheering me up everyday..and also taught me to enjoy life..thanks guys!!

Paul Grandis Beloso
~> very understanding and passionate on what he does..he is [and foreever will be] older brother or known as.."kua"..we got along really fast..because of our similarities..i can't say much about him..i don't know him that well..but i am absolutely sure..that he is a great person..he does well in school..and loves to dance..i couldn't have asked for more..because i think..that he is my ideal "kua" after all..that greatest thing that he has done for being my brother..thanks kua!! >.<>

and there you have very own set of bff's..i know you found some similar characteristics with your own bff's too..i hope you would drop some comments and questions for me to answer!! toodles!! :]

Monday, April 12, 2010

school life part 2

i am just an average student in school..i am not famous but i like being just a part of the crowd anyway..i like running for class officers but not the president slot..and most especially the muse slot..sometimes i get noticed..but it only happens in the class..i have loads of friends..and i enjoy hanging out with them..i sometimes do well in class..but i am not the kind of student who aces ALL the subjects in class..being me is a bit boring and fun all at the same time..i love adventures..that's why i try my best to join the school's activities like field trips and inter-school competitions..i am into journalism but i never won in the competitions held outside the i decided literature was great..but journalism..all the news writing and not for me..i prefer writing poems and essays rather than stories and stuff..but i tried to make a novel once but it was deleted because the pc that it was in got a hell of a virus..i forgot to save it in a usb..stupid me..i also LOVE reading..I'd rather read than watch tv all day..[it depends on the book and the tv show anyway..]..i am quite patient with long novels..but it depends on my interest on the main topic..i am quite a bookworm which helps in my articulation when speaking or just answering essays in a quiz..well..that's all i can tell about school stuff..goodbye for now..just watch out for my next blog which is about my'll get to know their names and the greatest things that they've done to me or for me..hope you follow my blogs!! :]

Friday, April 9, 2010

school life part 1

so, here i am..writing my second blog..i am the kind of person who likes to hide what i feel..more specifically..hide my sadness..with a SMILE.. it seems weird and unusual..but i sort of blew it off really one barely thinks that i am sad because i always SMILE..of course..all of us has limitations..and so is my SMILE..i sometimes can't hold on the smile up my face any longer..and so i decided to pull over the mask and let the real me show..i already expected their reactions..they were quite surprised of why i changed so abruptly..but they all wanted of what's best for me..and i thank them for that..thank you roentgen batch 2009-2010!! i2 ang names nilang lhat..

[ung mga nka-bold ang mga faves ko!! at mga close friends ko!!]
[ung mga iba ung kulay nman ang mga bff's ko!!]

i2 ang boys..
Francis James Abad

Carlo Dominic Achas
Paulo Neil E. Corpuz
Ariel Jesson Dimalaluan
Marc Jeremy Eleazar
Kirk Patrick F. Fadri
Ian Isaac Gonzales
Glivzander Joshua B. Guanco
Carlo Julius Gutilban
Simon Zachary SC. Lee
Niro Angelo Manaloto
Edgardo Namuag Jr.
Amos Deniel A. Rada
Chever Marq Roldan
Karl Dominique Sabado
Vince Alec Serquena
Kevin Jigger Vargas
John Sean Clint Vergara

i2 nman ang girls..
Samantha Mei B. Artiga
Roanne Jenesis B. Benavente
Gilliane Mae Bonguit
Keithrene James Bullion
Hazel Joy Cunamay
Lara Janea Lorenzo
Kristeen Melva Miciano
Stephanie Jean Monce
Joanna Grace E. Namoc
Katharina Ira C. Ojeda
Vida Angela DJ. Pagala
Shana Mae Reyes
Arra Joyce Salazar
Reanna Joyce Sardon
Katrina Jane Suelto
Blessie Angelica Volfango

i love u all guys!! mwah!! best class EVER!!

my first blog

the only reason that i decided to make a blog is to express myself. i have observes that i can express myself more through writing than talking. i am sort of a literature lover and what i do best is making poems. i have been into few seminars about writing and joined some contests too. but i never won. well, it doesn't bother me anymore [I've been through it, believe me]. i really wanted to have a diary to say what i feel about people and stuff. but i decided to make a blog instead. i know its not as private as a diary [except if someone reads your diary without your knowledge] but i think it'll do. well, i told you about what i feel and my reason of why i made a blog. well, i hope you read my future blogs and i hope you'll learn something good in my blogs. that's all i have to say. goodbye for now.